People & Credits

Cardinal Team:

  • Chun-Hao To (webpage), CCAPP Fellow at the Ohio State University, to dot 87 at osu dot edu
  • Joe DeRose, LBNL, jderose at lbl dot gov
  • Risa Wechsler, Stanford, rwechsler at stanford dot edu
  • Eli Rykoff, SLAC, erykoff at slac dot stanford dot edu
  • Hao-Yi Wu, Boise State University, hywu at boisestate dot edu
  • Susmita Adhikari, Indian Institute of Science Education and Reseaarch Pune
  • Elisabeth Krause, University of Arizona
  • Eduardo Rozo, University of Arizona
  • David Weinberg, the Ohio State University

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Special Acknowledgements:

Cardinal is built on earlier work published in DeRose et al 2019 [link] and Wechsler et al 2022 [link], including significant contributions from Michael Busha, Matthew Becker, and Gus Evrard.


We thank Wei-Hao Wang for providing M31 image. We thank Andres Salcedo and Lyra Cao for providing some Cardinal pictures. The Cardinal simulation made use of public data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and the Dark Energy Survey (DES). The background image is generated using https://github.com/vargatn/synthetic, a wrapper of galsim (https://github.com/GalSim-developers/GalSim). The Cardinal photo in the home page was taken by Janet Griffin-Scott and was purchased through iStock. Part of the website desgin is inspired by https://sagasurvey.org/.